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Loan advisory services for Homeowners & SMEs 

SMARTz Mortgage Solutions is an independent and trustworthy mortgage firm set up locally and specifically to help you source for the best mortgage packages out there. Started off on Mortgage loans,  SMARTz have since expanded our services into SME Business loans too.(More details) We work with all banks & selected private Financial Institutions in Singapore on Mortgage & Business Loans.


Our Mortgage Loan advisory services are ABSOLUTELY FREE. as we will be paid a small referral fee when we introduce an applicant whom successfully obtained a mortgage loan. 

For SMEs Business Loan services, a nominal service fee applies for each successful loan application. Being, the bank does not have referral programs in place. 


That is because we aim to provide homeowners  & SMEs with the RIGHT information at the RIGHT time to make SMARTz decisions for your Mortgage/Business loans. We are like your middleman to help you piece up the puzzles you have in mind. Being SMARTz is formed by a group of Ex-bankers, we understand the loan processes and requirements which helps our clients to have a fuss free loan application experience.

We know that time is precious for our clients and sourcing of information is a tedious process. Time to time, clients like you just get so stressed up calling the bank one by one. However, it is a MUST DO process for all of us, to make sure we have accurate information to make sound decisions for property purchase or getting a right loan for your business plans.

We stand firm on providing our utmost best services to you. “

And as a middleman, we stand firm on providing our utmost best services to you. We are a neutral party, which will provide you with unbiased advices so that you will be able to make SMARTz loan decisions.


Most of the time, property agents might have some preferred banks and bankers that they are working with. Naturally, this bank/s or banker/s will be their first priority to get their client referral. In this case, you might lose the chance to enjoy better rates out there. This may also cause you to lose ‘$$’ every month for a good 1- 3 years if there is a lock-in period. 


In Business Loans application, Banks have different loan packages. Unknowingly, in your busy schedules, you might be introduced to a higher interest bearing loan package. Bankers work for the Bank’s interest in mind. While SMARTz work for the interest of our SME clients. (more details)


So why live in regrets when you can prevent it?

“We strongly believe that RIGHT Information should be: RELEVANT, ACCURATE, Up-to-Date.”

Right Time should be information reaches you on a timely basis so that you can make sound decisions. We practice JUST IN TIME… READ MORE

4 BIG ‘A’s:

SMARTz Mortgage Solutions will always live up to the highest call of professionalism abiding to the 4 BIG ‘A’s:

Always Serving with Excellence

We will always understand, anticipate, and act on your everchanging needs. We will also seek ways to serve you beyond your initial request and expectations

Act in Your Best Interests

We will always demonstrate genuine care to your own personal and unique needs; hence, delivering you the most appropriate solutions

Act with Integrity

We will always do what is right; adhering to the highest standards of professional conduct and practice transparency in all our dealings

Always Accountable and Reliable

We will always be accountable to you and you can definitely rely on us

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