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When looking for a new home or investment property, it’s important that you have access to comprehensive and accurate information so that you can choose the right loan provider. At SMARTz Mortgage Solutions, we take pride in delivering some of the best home loan packages to our valued clients.

Being a local, independent and reliable mortgage company in Singapore, our firm has been set up for the purpose of providing all homeowners with required information in a timely manner. We play the role of a much-needed middleman — what’s more, our customers are not required to pay us any fees, as we work with all local banks and are paid a referral fee for successful applications. It is now easier than ever to make smarter decisions regarding your housing loans!

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While we don’t charge you any fees, your satisfaction is still the best reflection of our services as a company. For this reason, we are fully dedicated to providing you with impartial information and advice based on your needs. Taking the time to compare offers from the banks is not only time consuming, it’s difficult to get the facts straight when they are all trying to outsell each other. When you choose Smartz, you can be confident that the data we provide is accurate, objective and easy to understand so that you can make an informed and timely decision. From interest rates to refinancing, we provide you with all the information you need.

We are committed to being your preferred financial provider, and strive to earn your trust with our reliable and timely information sourcing and mortgage calculations. If you seek professional solutions that are customised in your best interests and is always accountable – look no further than the packages offered by SMARTz Mortgage Solutions in Singapore.

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I was really impressed by the service given by Smartz Mortgage. They were very knowledgeable and got me a bank loan with the lowest interest rate for the purchase of my new home. A big thank you!



BANK RATES (Updated on 01 July 2024)

1-month SIBOR 3.91% 1-month SORA 3.66%

3-month SIBOR 4.05% 3-month SORA 3.63%

6-month SIBOR N.A. 6-month SORA 3.67%

12-month SIBOR N.A. 12-month SORA N.A.

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