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Home Loan Calculator, Singapore

You can now calculate your mortgage payment at your own convenience using our complimentary mortgage loan calculator. This will help you to calculate your interest rate for the first three years as well as thereafter, using the time period of the loan.  A house is usually the most significant purchase a majority of us will make, hence it is important to have your own housing loans’ calculator in Singapore to determine what your mortgage payment will be and also know exactly how much you can afford. This enables you to predict your annual payments with just a little information and also shows you the total amount of interest to be paid during the course of a mortgage. All you need to do to use this home loans calculator is key in the loan amount, interest rates, and term of loan. If you are getting a mortgage to buy a new home, you can arrive at the loan amount by subtracting your down payment from the price of the property. Our loan refinancing calculator helps you arrive at the outstanding balance on your mortgage.  

Property Loan Calculator, Singapore

The length of the mortgage is dependent on a number of factors. For instance, if you happen to be buying a new property, you can opt for a loan that lasts for 30 years. However, if you are a refinancing homeowner, you can also choose a loan that lasts for your remaining loan tenure. Thanks to our home loan comparison in Singapore, you can estimate interest rates on new mortgages, with relevant rate tables.  Once you reach a projected rate, you can arrive at an estimate with the help of our calculator. 


Loan Amount*(S$)
Yr 1 Interest Rate* %
Yr 2 Interest Rate %
Yr 3 Interest Rate %
Interest Rate Thereafter %
Term of Loan year(s)

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