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HDB housing loan, Singapore

 If you’re considering a property loan in the vicinity, look no further, for we provide complete services for taking up a loan to match your requirements. Rest assured that you will get the best deal possible and get access to all relevant information on your fingertips, to make informed choices. Purchasing a flat is a financial commitment that spreads over a period of over 20 years, and the Housing Development Board provides financial planning sessions to potential buyers seeking a HDB home loan.  A home loan refers to financing received form a bank or credit union, for the aim of purchasing or building a property. These kinds of loans are secured against the property, with the bank holding the title of the house until the mortgage is brought into effect. Singapore housing loans are available for those who have determined their loan eligibility with a Loan Eligibility Check. After this step, one can use a home loan calculator to check the various options.

Best home loans, Singapore

You don’t have to pay us anything, since we receive commissions from banks once the mortgage is taken care of. Since banks benefit from our services, they provide us with the most competitive deals for private housing loans in Singapore. There are different loan amount disbursements, loan tenures and interest rates in place.  For instance, completed properties are usually disbursed in one lump sum, and for incomplete properties the loan is disbursed in stages, depending on the stage of construction of the property. Banks generally grant loans with tenures of 5 to 30 years, depending on certain conditions. Interest rates on loans are reliant on the type of property and type of home loan packages taken up for private home loans.