Interest Rates

Property Loan Interest Rates, Singapore

If you’ve been considering getting a new house or refinancing, look no further, for we provide a range of options to suit your different financial needs. Our compilation of some of the best home loan rates in Singapore will help you save precious time and review individual loan packages from different banks quicker than ever. This enables one to carry out a property loan comparison of all the major lenders in Singapore without carrying out extensive research. After this is done, our home loan calculator can be used to calculate the monthly installment amount for you.  Look forward to saving both time and money with the help of our services, and find the ideal housing loan interest rate in Singapore, to match your particular requirements. We enable you to focus on purchasing your new home without additional burdens, and strive to get you the best deals from banks. Since our services are complimentary, you do not face any obligations, and can pick from different home loans interest rates as per your choice.

SOR Interest Rate, Singapore

Singapore Swap Offer Rate, or SOR is fixed by the Association of Banks in Singapore, and represents the average cost of funds utilised by banks in Singapore for the purpose of commercial lending.  It is common in Singapore for most banks to provide housing loan packages under either SOR or SIBOR interest rates. A margin is added to their cost price, and this is known as a ‘spread.’ You can choose from different housing loan interest rates, varying from 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and 12-month rates. It is usually assumed that higher rates correspond to longer terms.  If you’re seeking some of the best Singapore mortgage rates for investing in your property of choice, look no further.